Below are links to software and tools we recommend and use. Please note that some of these are affiliate links.

The BEST Online Document Service

Environmentally-friendly (we're all about sustainability at Giraffe Web), forget the paper, save a tree! Upload a document and get it legally signed in minutes. Signaturely has a free electronic signature version and a few other pricing levels that should fit nicely in your budget. This software makes signatures super simple and for each subscription, Signaturely plants a tree. "Make signing paperwork easier for clients and employees. They’ll love you for it."


Giraffe Web Design, Greenville, SC

XML Sitemap Generator

According to the website Web Techs, almost half of all websites are now built in WordPress. You can install a plugin for your sitemap in WordPress, but if your site is a hand-coded html site or you are using one of the Saas systems out there, your website service might not necessarily have feature for a site map. Site maps are very important for SEO, and for those sites that we have that are hand-coded (and yes, we still have a lot of them, including the main Giraffe Web website), this handy online tool is free and will generate a great sitemap for you to download and upload to your webserver.


Giraffe Web Design, Greenville, SC

The BEST Online Automated Billing System that Integrates with QuickBooks

We've had other online merchant accounts, and have used PayPal for years. But when you are a small business and really, you do most of everything yourself or at least manage it yourself, especially the bookkeeping, you don't need to be tracking down people to pay you. It would take hours for us to reconcile our merchant account deposits with client invoices. We also would waste time reminding clients when their invoice were almost due, then emailing them about it if it was late. No more. We signed up with Billergenie and haven't looked back! It seemlessly integrates with Quickbooks (and several other accounting systems). All we do is create the invoice. Billergenie takes care of the rest - emailing the invoice, sending reminders, charging late fees if necessary, and the best part is that Billergenie allows you to charge extra fees to help offset the cost of the merchant processing fees. Have clients that pay by check? No problem. They are still emailed the invoice and reminders (that you set up and can control client-by-client). They also can handle ACH. AND - they have other services you should check out. We cannot tell you how much time we've saved and more money we've made by using Billergenie. Tell them we sent you!