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A typical iceberg only shows 1/8th of itself above water while 7/8th's of it is below the surface...

The design of your site takes into account various factors that you can see:

  • Your logo and company colors;
  • Site Design;
  • Pages.

We specialize in web site development; being “user friendly” is a must. But did you know that what you see on the web is only the tip of the iceberg? What really counts is what is going on below the surface to maximize your web presence! For example:

  • Clean code written to the latest w3c specifications.
  • Proper display in most popular web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Quick loading graphics.
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization using clean code that makes your website "search-engine-riendly."

Anyone can purchase a website design tool that will generate a website full of bad coding which will hurt your website search engine rankings. We hand-code our HTML so we can control what goes on “underneath the surface.” This ENHANCES the ability of your website to gain natural, ORGANIC rankings in the search engines without having to pay for placement.

If you need to edit your content, we set up "editable areas" for you to update content, upload photos and documents. And, we offer manuals and hands-on training. If you prefer, we will do all the updating for you which ensures your code is pristine and your copy and content still plays well with the search engines.


When you are on your safari scouting out some Giraffes, you might see other animals interspersed among the savannah. At Giraffe Web Development and Design, we also see a variety of animals (uh, people and businesses) that have varying needs. Therefore, we cater our project pricing according to your individual needs. Our web design service fee varies, depending upon the level of expertise required to complete your project.

We can also help you with a custom logo design as well as brochures, business cards and letterhead design by working with one of our affiliate partners. These prices vary according to your individual needs and are not included in our web design/development fees.

Please don't hesitate to call us or contact us online to discuss your individual web site needs.

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SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search Engine Optimization, Greenville, SC
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