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We pay attention to the basics of web design - beautiful websites with solid coding behind it. AI can build you a website, but it cannot automatically detect your hours, ask the correct questions needed for your online booking form, convey the essence of what your company is all about.

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What we offer Giraffe Web Design, Greenville, SC

WordPress | HTML Sites | Social Media Management | Local SEO | Email
  • Hand-coded HTML websites - A typical iceberg only shows 1/8th of itself above water while 7/8th's of it is below the surface and your website is exactly the same. With a hand-coded website, we can control 100% what goes on “underneath the surface.” This ENHANCES the ability of your website to gain natural, ORGANIC rankings in the search engine jungle. We also offer on-page seo.

  • Custom WordPress websites that allow our clients to update content. And, we offer manuals and hands-on training. If you prefer, we will do all the updating for you which ensures your code is pristine and your copy and content still plays well with the search engines.

  • Funnels or one-page websites that allow you to have a micro-site that showcases one product or service to utilize for online ads or client presentations.

  • E-books/Flipbooks created for lead magnets, or if you have a product or service you'd like to share with existing and new clients. We can help with the cover design, copywriting, and uploading the book with a share link.


When you are on your safari scouting out some Giraffes, you might see other animals interspersed among the savannah. At Giraffe Web Development and Design, we also see a variety of animals (uh, people and businesses) that have varying needs. Therefore, we cater our project pricing according to your individual needs. Our web design service fee varies, depending upon the level of expertise required to complete your project. The minimum costs for a website cover:

Domain name research/purchase and management
Email at your domain name using Google Workspace
Fast and reliable webhosting
Website Design
Website Creation

For most websites, you can expect the cost to start around $1,500 and up, depending upon the complexity and functionality required. WordPress hosting starts at $50/mo and includes maintenance fees and minor updates each month under 1/4 of an hour.

We can also help you with branding - custom logo design, brochures, business cards and letterhead as well as promotional products. These prices vary according to your individual needs and are not included in our web design/development fees.

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